Air Conditioning Appreciation Day in The Villages FL

Air Conditioning Appreciation Day

Air Conditioning Appreciation Day in The Villages FL

Air Conditioning Appreciation Days are celebrated from July 3 to August 15 every year. The days are marked to acknowledge the invention and role of air conditioning in modern society.

Air conditioners serve several purposes today. Apart from cooling homes, air conditioners regulate temperatures in medical settings and filter the air for allergens. The period between July 3 and August 15 is also recognized by the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute (A.R.I.) as Air Conditioning Appreciation Days.

Another object of this period is to remind A.C. owners to properly clean and maintain their air conditioning units.


Humans have used several methods to regulate the temperature of their surroundings over the years. Before the invention of the air conditioner, civilizations came up with ways to keep themselves cool. Persians, from over 3,000 years ago, used ‘quanats’ — a system of underground water tunnels — to cool their buildings. Romans had a similar system through their aqueducts. These were systems consisting of tunnels, pipes, ditches, canals, and supporting structures that conveyed streams of water to cities and villages. Cooled water was pumped into public baths and fountains, and the homes of the wealthy to keep them cool.

In ancient Egypt, windcatchers were used as architectural elements to create natural ventilation in buildings. The use of fans was enhanced when Ding Huang of the Chinese Han Dynasty invented a seven-wheeled rotary fan.

Modern air conditioners can be dated back to 1902 when Willis Haviland Carrier invented air conditioning. Carrier, a resident of New York, attempted to figure out a way to reduce the humidity levels within a printing press in the city. He noticed that air tended to cool down when it passed over water-filled coils, which led to the first working model of the air conditioner. His invention controlled both the temperature and the humidity. Though his invention was intended for industrial use, air conditioners eventually found their way to residential applications.

Air conditioning has undoubtedly changed the landscape of how human beings interact with temperatures. It is now possible to be comfortable in 100-degree weather. In fact, the concept of a summer blockbuster is owed to air conditioning — people would flock to theaters during summer months to escape the heat, thus driving up ticket sales. Today, air conditioning plays a significant role in modern society; all the more reason to mark this day.


    • Clean your A.C. filters

Your A.C. consistently filters out dirt and other pollutants from the air. Keep it running smoothly by cleaning your A.C. filters.

    • Get a maintenance checkup

Regular checkups for your A.C. can prolong its life. Schedule one, if you haven’t for a while.

    • Give your A.C. a little break

If your A.C. has been on for a long time, give it a break. Turn your A.C. off for a bit to let it rest.


    • First White House A.C.
      The first A.C. unit in the White House cost US$30,000.
    • Status symbol

      After WWII, air conditioners became status symbols thus driving up sales.

    • The first A.C. car

      The first car with an air conditioner was launched in 1939.

    • Etymology

      The term ‘air conditioning’ was coined by Stuart Cramer.

    • Household air conditioning

      By 2009, about 87% of U.S. households had air conditioning.

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