International Beer and Pizza Day in The Villages FL

International Beer and Pizza Day

International Beer and Pizza Day in The Villages FL

International Beer and Pizza Day is on October 9th, and there’s no better day to throw a pizza and beer party. When you think of pizza, you most likely think of Italy, but did you know that the first pizza was made by the Greeks and Egyptians, not the Italians?
Pepperoni may be the most popular pizza topping in the world but in ancient times, the Greeks and Egyptians coated their flat-bread pizza in olive oil and spices.


If you’re familiar with some of the world’s best food pairings then, chances are, you’ve had a glass of beer with a slice of pizza. It’s no surprise that one of the world’s best combinations originates from the same class of food, cereal grains.

Beer is one of the oldest drinks produced by mankind. It’s brewed from cereal grains, which contain starch sugars that produce ethanol and carbonation during the fermentation process. Beer consumption dates as far back as 5000 B.C. in Iran and was recorded in history books of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia before spreading around the world.

In the Middle Ages, the brewing process of beer was a craft passed down as a family-oriented activity. By the end of this period, the production of beer moved from a small-scale domestic industry to a large-scale export industry. The Industrial Revolution introduced a more controlled and mechanized process for brewing beer as technology developed in countries like Britain and Germany.

Pizza dough is derived from cereal grains as well, which are ground up together to make flour. The origin of pizza can be traced to ancient Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks. However, the modern birthplace of pizza is a Greek settlement in Italy founded in 600 B.C. Back then, pizza was an inexpensive food that could be consumed quickly; a favorite of the working poor in the ancient city. Pizza was introduced in other parts of the world as immigrants spread to Europe and the United States.

Pizza and beer pair so well because they enhance or contrast each other’s flavors. This is possibly what inspired Nick Saulino in 2016 when he marked the first celebration of International Pizza and Beer Day. Since then, more people have embraced the idea of pizza and beer as a great food combination.


  • Go out for beer and pizza
    There are different pizzas and toppings to try out. So grab a friend and head out to a bar that serves beer and pizza. Alternatively, you can buy a couple of beers and order some pizza to be enjoyed at home.
  • Try a new pizza flavor
    Japanese Mayo Pizza anyone? Celebrate this day by trying out a new pizza flavor. Mix and match it up for that extra zing.
  • Join the conversation online
    Share your favorite pizza and beer combination with your friends on social media. Encourage people to share theirs as well and, who knows, you might be meeting up with someone new for a pizza and beer party.


  1. The most expensive pizza
    The most expensive pizza in the world is $12,000.
  2. Pizza museum
    A pizza museum exists in Brooklyn, New York.
  3. The world’s biggest pizza
    Dovilio Nardi, Andrea Mannocchi, Marco Nardi, Matteo Nardi, and Matteo Giannotte prepared the world’s biggest pizza in Rome, Italy.
  4. Hawaiian pizza
    The Hawaiian pineapple-topped pizza was invented in Canada by a Greece native, Sam Panopoulos.
  5. Space pizza delivery
    In 2001, a six-inch pizza was delivered to the International Space Station.


  • There are different kinds of pizzas and beers to enjoy
    There are different kinds of beers to try out. Ale, lager, or stout, whatever beer you like, we bet there’s a pizza that pairs nicely with it. Here’s our pro tip — light beers pair nicely with light pizzas.
  • Pizzas and beers can be paired with other food types
    You can have a beer or a pizza separately, or you can pair it with other food combinations. Either way, pizzas, and beers pair well with different delicacies.
  • Beers are a great way to connect with people
    Whether you’re sitting at your favorite pub or just having drinks with some friends, offering or receiving a beer from someone is a great way to start building and fostering meaningful connections.

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