International Peace & Love Day in The Villages FL

International Peace & Love Day

International Peace & Love Day in The Villages FL

International Peace & Love Day is celebrated on July 7th to spread positive energy across the world. Peace and love don’t cost a thing, but their power goes far beyond anything words can capture.

Different cultures have their concepts of peace. The philosophy of ‘Ubuntu’ among the Zulu in Africa teaches that humanity is linked. To the Japanese, ‘Heiwa’ means “aligning oneself to the common good.”

The spirit of ‘Shalom’ among Hebrews translates to “unity and prosperity, with a sense of wholeness arising from justice.” Most cultures seem to agree that the world needs more love and peace.


International Peace & Love Day was introduced by the Beatles’ drummer Richard Starkey — better known by his stage name Ringo Starr — whose birthday falls on July 7. Starr’s ‘Peace and Love’ birthday initiative, which was launched in 2008, inspired the idea for International Peace and Love Day. Starr was 68 at the time, and after a journalist asked him what he’d like for his birthday, he responded with “peace and love.” Every year since then, Starr has encouraged people worldwide to spread peace and love. Fans could talk about it, post it on social media with the hashtag #PeaceAndLove, or simply, think about it.

Aside from making the rallying call, Starr began the tradition of meeting with friends and fans at the Hard Rock Cafe in Chicago, handing out cupcakes and joining the crowd in saying, “peace and love,” at noon. In 2019, more than 30 ‘Peace and Love’ events were celebrated worldwide, and Starr’s 800-pound ‘Peace and Love’ statue was exhibited in Beverly Hills, California. Mayor John Mirisch unveiled the eight-foot-tall work of art on Santa Monica Boulevard in front of City Hall.

In 2020, Starr moved the celebrations online, inviting musicians to perform at ‘Ringo’s Big Birthday Show,’ which he hosted. Dave Grohl, Paul McCartney, and Sheryl Crow were some of the performers. Through the International Space Station, NASA astronauts sent birthday wishes and a message of peace and love to the world.


    • Send positive messages

Wishing others peace and love is a simple way to celebrate the day. Don’t just say the words. Convey them in your thoughts and actions.

    • Turn the other cheek

Radiating positive energy doesn’t mean you’ll always get it in return. On International Peace & Love Day, practice forgiveness and turning the other cheek. Confrontation and retaliation are not always the answer.

    • Listen to the Beatles

The Beatles’ music is timeless in the message it delivers. Songs like ‘Let It Be’ and ‘All You Need is Love’ perfectly encapsulates the tone and spirit of International Peace & Love Day.


  1. Doves symbolize peace
    Doves became the symbol of peace after the First International Peace Conference in Paris in 1949, which used Pablo Picasso’s “Dove of Peace” as its logo.
  2. Goddesses of peace
    Pax and Eirene are the Roman and Greek goddesses of peace respectively.
  3. The most peaceful country
    The most peaceful country in the world is Iceland.
  4. The least peaceful country
    Afghanistan is the least peaceful country in the world.
  5. Two hundred years of peace
    The Pax Romana (Roman Peace) of 27 B.C. to 180 A.D. is considered the most peaceful era in the Mediterranean world, lasting 200 years.


    • Peace brings stability

Peace builds and restores while war destroys and kills. A peaceful world will always be more conducive and healthy.

    • The world needs more love

Peace and love go hand in hand because you can’t have peace without a loving, accepting, empathetic environment to foster it in. Instead of allowing petty differences to divide us, we should seek to understand and connect with each other.

    • It encourages positivity

You can’t control how the world is right now, but you can control how you respond to it. Maintaining a positive state of mind and radiating an aura of peace and love has a positive effect on your health and well-being.

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