Labor Day in The Villages FL

Labor Day

Labor Day in The Villages FL

Summer’s final fling has arrived in the form of Labor Day.

Yes, most of us get the day off, but this holiday triggers mixed emotions. While summer still has 21 calendar days left, it’s time to get serious.

School’s starting and there’s a sense that summer vacation is over. So what’s behind Labor Day — and how did it earn a place as a federal holiday?


Do you get weekends off work? Lunch breaks? Paid vacation? An eight-hour workday? Social security? If you said “yes” to any of these questions, you can thank labor unions and the U.S. labor movement for it. Years of hard-fought battles (and the ensuing legislation they inspired) resulted in many of the most basic benefits we enjoy at our jobs today. On the first Monday in September, we take the day off to celebrate Labor Day and reflect on the American worker’s contributions to our country.


    • Read up on the history of Labor Day

Labor Day has a rich history that directly impacts the working conditions we experience today. So in between rounds of BBQ at your Labor Day celebration, take the time to discuss the U.S. labor movement and its contribution to our country’s current work culture.

    • Buy an American-made product

When you’re doing your Labor Day shopping, take the time to read the labels. Consider buying products that say “Made in the USA” to show your support for American workers.

    • Watch a movie about labor unions

Many of us get Labor Day off. What better way to relax than to stretch out on the couch and watch a movie about the American labor movement? There are tons of union-themed movies to choose from. “Norma Rae” ring a bell? Side note: Unions play a major role in the entertainment industry.


  1. It’s on May 1 in other countries
    Most countries around the world celebrate Labor Day on May 1, and it is called International Workers’ Day.
  2. Stores remain open
    While most schools and offices are closed on Labor Day, retail workers and shopkeepers don’t get the same break, as the holiday is huge for sales and shopping.
  3. Third most popular holiday for outdoor cookouts
    Labor Day is right behind the Fourth of July and Memorial Day in being the most popular holiday for barbecues and cookouts./li>
  4. Labor Day marks the unofficial NFL kickoff
    99.4% of the time, the NFL’s first official game of the season is on the Thursday following Labor Day.
  5. Union members today
    In 2017, there were 14.8 million union members, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, while in 1983, there were 17.7 million.


    • We’re hard workers — we deserve the day off

Statistics show that Americans work longer hours than citizens of most other countries — 137 more hours per year than Japan, 260 more per year than the U.K., and 499 more than France. And our productivity is high — 400% higher than it was in 1950, to be exact. So we totally deserve that day off.

    • It’s one last chance to grill

Labor Day is widely considered to be the unofficial last day of summer. Before the air turns cold and the leaves start to fall, it’s our last chance to grill some steaks and wear shorts.

    • It’s the reason we can say TGIF

Labor Day is a time to celebrate the benefits we enjoy at our jobs — including weekends off. The concept of American workers taking days off dates back to 1791, when a group of carpenters in Philadelphia went on strike to demand a shorter workweek (10-hour days, to be exact). It wasn’t until 1836 that workers started demanding eight-hour workdays. So nine to five doesn’t sound so bad after all.

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