National Food Truck Day in The Villages FL

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National Food Truck Day in The Villages FL

We celebrate National Food Truck Day on the last Friday in June. It’s a special day to champion food trucks and encourage the hardworking men and women whose food businesses support the local economy.

People celebrate the day by purchasing from their local food trucks, which offer a variety of tasty temptations from gourmet burgers to sushi, ice cream, assorted fries, and tacos.


Food trucks are inspired by centuries-old food carts dating back to the 17th century. Vendors traded food from small carts or moveable mini kitchens, and the practice is still common today where they are found on street corners, in parks, and catering to hungry crowds at special events. Chuckwagons were the first types of food trucks. They sold edibles like beans, cured meat, coffee, and biscuits to ranchers and loggers in the southern part of the country.

In 1936, the Wienermobile became the first official modern food truck. These were vehicles shaped like a hot dog on a bun that traveled the country selling hot dogs at parades, schools, and hospitals. By the 1950s, ice cream vans were a familiar sight in many neighborhoods across the United States. The kids loved the cheerful tunes and frozen treats. Even adults would sometimes indulge in the pleasure. The year 2008 arrived with a great boom for the food truck business, with increased online popularity and customers never seen before, with the likes of Kogi BBQ and New York’s Rickshaw Dumpling Bar thriving.

In 2016, a holiday for food trucks kicked off, spearheaded by the organization Roaming Hunger. Its goal was to prompt people to frequent food trucks run by small local businesses. Initially called National Eat at a Food Truck Day, it was renamed National Food Truck Day in 2018. The date of the celebration also changed from October to June.

Food trucks have changed into reputable businesses serving innovative menus offering trendy cuisine that cater to budgets both big and small, often using locally sourced ingredients. National Food Truck Day is not a national holiday and has no constitutional backing, but an opportunity to support local businesses and enjoy a treat at the same time.


    • Support a food truck

Frequent your favorite food truck business and treat yourself to a few of your favorite delights. You may even get a special holiday discount on your meal or drink.

    • Download the food truck tracking app

The Roaming Hunger app helps you find food trucks in your area and makes it easier to find the one you desire. You can also keep track of all the food trucks participating in the event.

    • Share your food online

Sharing pictures of your food truck food online shows support and is a great way to celebrate. Use the #NationalFoodTruckDay hashtag and remember to tag the truck.


  1. The chuckwagon
    Charles Goodnight invented the chuckwagon in 1866 as a mobile kitchen.
  2. There are good event caterers
    Food trucks are popular for catering special events such as weddings, movie shoots, and corporate gatherings.
  3. Millennials love food trucks
    At least 47% of Millenials have eaten from a food truck at some point.
  4. Food trucks get good ratings
    In a survey, over 90% of diners rated food-truck food quality as excellent or good.
  5. It costs $50,000 for a food truck
    The average startup cost for starting your own food truck business is $50,000.


    • The great food and good prices

The many food trucks around our city make it possible for an interesting variety of food at really good prices. It is a rare opportunity for us to satisfy our various delicious cravings.

    • To support small business owners

National Food Truck Day supports local chefs and their food. We get to frequent their business and help promote them on our online pages.

    • It’s a chance to connect

The day brings people together. It is an occasion to meet new people and bond over meals.

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