National Green Bean Casserole Day in The Villages FL

National Green Bean Casserole Day in The Villages FL

National Green Bean Casserole Day on December 3rd celebrates the dish and its interesting origins.

The holidays are going to be knocking on our doors soon, and there’s no harm in getting our preparations underway from today onwards.

Green bean casserole is enjoyed by many all over America for its few ingredients and simplistic recipe that does not require too much time and effort. Two of the main ingredients include cream of mushroom soup and, of course, green beans. The two are either mixed together or layered on top of each other.

The smooth and creamy texture is complemented with the extra crunchiness of french fried onions sprinkled over the top and voila, you have a filling and nutritious dish.

The recipe was such a gamechanger on the American food scene that its inventor, Dorcas Lillian Bates Reilly, features in the Hall of Fame alongside the likes of Thomas Edison and Muhammad Ali.


National Green Bean Casserole Day was created as a holiday by Jace Shoemaker-Galloway. She is credited with covering many unique and wacky holidays in her writing career that spans from Yahoo, to Planet Save, to Energy Boom and many more. Having researched all such holidays, Shoemaker-Galloway started realizing the fun and merriment that unique holidays tend to bring. Out of the many holiday ventures the writer brought to life, one of the most prominent and celebrated was National Green Bean Casserole Day. This day pays homage to the classic holiday dish that is enjoyed by around 20 million Americans worldwide. Reports state that around 50% of all green bean casserole recipes are made between the period of November to January, which is when the holidays are in full swing.

So, how did this dish come into being? It was created back in 1955 in the Home Economics Department of Campbell Soup Company. At the time, Dorcas Reilly, the main inventor of the dish, was working as a manager and recipe creator for the company. The goal was to create something using ingredients that would be readily available in an average American kitchen. Reilly and her team selected five ingredients and created something in 10 minutes. The world was still reeling from the effects of WW2, and easy-to-make dishes were all the rage. Initially, the dish was named the ‘Green Bean Bake’. While the recipe was a great way to satisfy those hunger pangs in a few minutes, it did not take off until the 1960s when the Campbell Soup Company started putting the recipe on their soup cans. From then on, green bean casserole became a staple in Thanksgiving spreads. Reilly also became known as the “grandmother of the green bean casserole.”


  • Make a green bean casserole
    This is the perfect dish to make on those days when you are feeling lazy, but want something nice and comforting to eat. Now, you may be thinking this is a holiday food, but let us also tell you that this dish was intended to be made as an everyday dish, especially for those days when you just cannot be bothered. So, what are you waiting for?
  • Customize it to your taste
    The great thing about a green bean casserole dish is how versatile it is. You can make the dish your own by adding your choice of ingredients to the main ones. When the recipe was still being developed, it had celery salt, Worcestershire sauce, and ham in it, but these were scratched off the list and the ingredients were kept as simple as possible. Nonetheless, they would still make for a good, filling casserole.
  • Have a green bean casserole potluck party
    Invite your family and friends for some green bean casserole potluck fun. Everyone can bring a green bean casserole dish but with their own added twists. It would make for a great day of deliciousness and enjoyment.


  1. Green beans in white-pink-purple
    Green bean flowers can come in the shades of purple, white, and pink.
  2. Edible pods
    Unlike the crazy internet trend that saw teens eating inedible tide pods, the pods that are actually edible are green bean pods.
  3. Very nutritious
    Green beans are extremely nutritious as they are packed with protein, fiber, iron, vitamins, and minerals.
  4. A bit toxic when raw
    If you eat raw green beans, you will most likely be consuming toxins that are concentrated and stored in the plant.
  5. Popular and easy
    After tomatoes and peppers, green beans are the most popular plant grown in people’s gardens as it is easy to grow.


  • It’s a celebration of the green bean casserole
    Green bean casserole is a delicious dish through and through. If you are in the mood for something classic, you can try the original recipe, but if you wish to spice things up, you can do that too by bringing either your own flavors to the table or adding new ingredients to make something new. The canvas is just waiting to be painted.
  • It’s a celebration of classic holiday food
    Some things are an absolute staple at every celebration because, without them, the celebration feels incomplete. Green bean casserole is one such dish. If you are in the mood for some nostalgia, a green bean casserole is the answer.
  • It’s a celebration of fuss-free living
    The main aim of creating green bean casserole was to allow people to have a filling dish without them having to put in too much time and effort. With our busy 21st century lives, there’s nothing more comforting than preparing fuss-free food and simply enjoying the little relaxation time we may have available.

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