National Guacamole Day in The Villages FL

National Guacamole Day

National Guacamole Day in The Villages FL

It’s not just a side dish anymore.

On National Guacamole Day every September 16, we elevate this tasty green blend into the spotlight.

Guacamole (or “guac”) is made of avocados, which are well-known for the health benefits related to their high vitamin content and lots of cholestoral-lowering healthy fats.

Originally native to Mexico and Central America, avocados grow on trees. In fact, avocados are technically considered a fruit!

There are hundreds of ways to pepare guacamole. People spice up their guacamole with onion, garlic, cumin, tomato, cilantro, or even store-bought salsa. Traditionally, guacamole is served with tortilla chips but it’s also good with corn chips, carrot sticks and celery.

Guac is delicious on sandwiches and hamburgers or in salads. Some people even blend it into smoothies! So, Go Green with guacamole on September 16!


  • Make some fresh guacamole
    You can really get into the celebratory spirit of National Guacamole Day by actually making it at home. Select some ripe avocados at the store by squeezing each one gently. Ripe avocados will yield to gentle pressure. At home, cut your avocados open, remove the stones and spoon the green flesh into a bowl. Smash with a fork or handheld mixer and stir in some onion or a splash of salsa for extra flavor.
  • Go on a guacamole tour
    Ready for a guacamole extravaganza? Hook up with some friends and try to visit at least three restaurants on National Guacamole Day. Sample the guac at each place to decide which one you like best.
  • Add some guacamole to your food
    Whether you made some fresh or brought home guacamole from the store, you can celebrate National Guacamole Day simply by eating some guac. But why stop there? Guacamole has been a source of inspiration for fusion cuisine the world over, and National Guacamole Day is your time to get creative. Whatever you were planning to make for dinner, find room to add a little guacamole to the meal. Dollop some guacamole onto your chicken or try something truly crazy! Who’s ready for guacamole mac-and-cheese?


  • Guacamole is healthy and delicious
    Whether you like it plain or spicy, guacamole is one of those foods that’s easy to love. The avocado is rich in the good fats that help reduce cholesterol and when avocado is mashed, the texture is creamy, bringing out all the amazing flavor. Then, add onion, tomato, cumin and cilantro.
  • It’s not just for Mexican food
    Guacamole originated as a Mexican side dish. Due to its health benefits and great flavor, guacamole has grown in popularity throughout the world, especially in the United States and Canada. Now there’s guacamole fusion. Look for it on salads, as sandwich spread and even on pizza!
  • It gives you a reason to eat guacamole
    Okay, so a lot of us probably don’t need a special reason to eat guacamole. But most of us still associate guacamole with Mexican cuisine. Despite a ton of innovative ways to incorporate guacamole into other types of food, we may hesitate to try those fusions at home. But whether you like classic guacamole or you’re obsessing over the turkey and guacamole croissant sandwich, National Guacamole Day is a great reason to include this healthy, high-vitamin food in your diet.

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