National Junk Food Day in The Villages FL

National Junk Food Day

National Junk Food Day in The Villages FL

Have you ever wished for a day where you can eat absolutely anything you want? Well that day is today. National Junk Food Day is celebrated every year on July 21.

Dedicated to the foods we like to snack on, this isn’t your average cheat day. Today, you can eat junk food for every meal. Popularized in the U.S in the 1950s, junk foods are usually, by definition, high in fats, sugars, salt, and calories.

But they are also high in deliciousness! Junk food day is the perfect day to treat yourself. On this day, you’re allowed your favorite junk foods without any guilt. So go ahead and add extra cheese on that burger and go for that order of fries. Today you’re allowed!


    • Eat your favorite junk food

This is the easiest and most fun way to participate in National Junk Food Day. Craving chips? Pie? French fries? Pick whatever your heart desires and chow down. Today those calories don’t count!

    • Share your junk food on social media

Junk Food Day is the perfect time to indulge — and brag about it at the same time. Take a picture of those chocolate bourbon cupcakes you had for lunch and Instagram it. Don’t forget to use hashtag #NationalJunkFoodDay

    • Throw a junk food party

The only thing that’s better than getting to eat junk food is getting to eat it with your friends. Invite some over for a junk food potluck party. No green leafy foods allowed, just everyone’s favorite cheesy, fatty, carby foods.


    • No calorie counting

Do you count carbs or calories? On Junk Food Day, you’re off the hook. Skip the salad and go straight for the meat-lovers pizza. Sure, your fat-free frozen yogurt is tasty, but today get the double fudge ice cream without feeling any guilt.

    • Everyone’s cheating

There’s always that one coworker in the break room eating a healthy salad while you’re snacking on nachos. You don’t have to worry about them today because they’re (secretly) indulging in Junk Food Day, too.

    • It allows you to satisfy that craving

Cravings are an overwhelming sensation of desire for a certain food. Junk food cravings sometimes occur when the brain’s opioids and dopamine react to the benefit of high-calorie foods. This is why studies have shown that when we’re stressed, we’re more likely drawn towards things like cakes and sweets. While eating junk food is not the way you should always deal with stress, National Junk Food Day gives you the perfect excuse (just for a day.)

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