National Lager Day in The Villages FL

National Lager Day in The Villages FL

This day may not be the only day we enjoy this light, crisp, blonde adult beverage, but it sure is the one day we celebrate National Lager Day on December 10th.

The drink of choice for many at sporting events, backyard barbecues, baby showers, and funerals, lager is the light hoppy drink that is popular throughout the world.

No one really knows how this holiday came about, but one thing is for sure, America loves this beer.


  • Host a Beer Olympics
    Set up a Facebook event page and have your friends form teams (of 6) for your very own Beer Olympics! Popular games in the series include: beer pong (obvi), flip cup, and other bro-tastic drinking games. One rule: lagers only.
  • Cook up a dish that calls for lager
    There are many delicious recipes that require the use of beer. Some popular items that you may not have known include lager, include: carne asada, can-can chicken, beer dip, chocolate Guinness cake, and other boozy dishes.
  • Have an international lager party
    Beer is consumed throughout the world, which means there are a variety of beers you probably haven’t tasted yet. Invite your friends over and require them to bring a lager from a beer of a specific country. You’re tastebuds will thank you.


  • It’s light and it won’t bloat you (as much)
    Beer is a very hoppy and heavy alcoholic beverage. Many people consume a limited amount due to it’s bloating effect. However, many more people prefer lager (which is a lighter beer) to prevent that bloated feeling.
  • It’s refreshing
    Hot summer days, or cold winter evenings, most people enjoy a nice cold brew year-round. The light, crisp taste of a lager pairs well with many foods, and is a refreshing choice after a run on the slopes or on the field.
  • People are more likely to approach you at a bar
    According to a recent study, people believe a woman drinking a lager makes them seem “friendly” and “low-maintenance, and a man with a cold brew in hand comes off as “authentic” and “genuine.”

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