National Maine Day in The Villages FL

National Maine Day in The Villages FL

One of the latest national days to be added to the calendar, National Maine Day has been celebrated on December 21st since 2017.
While it isn’t officially declared a national holiday, the day is still celebrated with fervor. Maine, also known as the Pine Tree State as well as Vacationland, is one of the most special states in the U.S.

The day simply honors the 23rd state to join the union, but Maine’s history is what sets it apart. It lies at the northeasternmost tip of the country but offers more than many other states.

Visit the state and celebrate it like the women and men of Maine do!


Before Maine was colonized by French and English settlers, it was populated by Wabanaki tribes. Until two centuries ago, Maine was part of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, before it voted to leave Massachusetts. As part of the Missouri Compromise, it became a separate state. It was then admitted to the Union as the 23rd state.

Nobody can say for sure why it is called Maine. Some say it was named by French colonizers after the province of Maine in France. Others say it was named by English colonizers as a reference to the mainland. Either way, it is Maine today, and it is the only state named with a single syllable, and also the only state to border only one other state.

Maine’s rocky coastline, rough mountains, green expanses, and wiggly waterways have inspired numerous artists. From writers and poets to painters, they have all flourished here for centuries. Maine’s mountains and shores offer enough hidden treasures for tourists and locals alike. The options are endless! If you need to celebrate digitally, use the hashtags #NationalMaineDay and #MaineDay.


  • Explore nature
    Climb Mount Katahdin, the tallest peak in the state, or go skiing at Sugarloaf. Explore the spectacular outdoors by camping at Cobscook Bay State Park or Baxter State Park. Maine also has its own desert across 40 acres, right outside the town of Freeport.
  • Get drenched
    Take a dip in the ocean at Higgins Beach or go white-water rafting. Take a ferry to the Casco Bay Islands or set sail on the Maine Windjammer Cruise. Don’t forget to feast on some delicious lobster after — it’s a state specialty.
  • Visit museums
    Not just any museums — bizarre ones like the International Cryptozoology Museum and Umbrella Cover Museum in Portland, as well as the Maine Coast Sardine History Museum in Jonesport, and the Telephone Museum in Ellsworth.


  1. Limitless lobster
    About 40 million pounds of lobster a year is sourced from the coast of Maine, which is close to 90% of the country’s lobster supply.
  2. Boundless blueberries
    The state of Maine is the largest producer of blueberries in the U.S. — 99% of the country’s supply.
  3. Longest coastline
    Surprisingly enough, Maine has a 3,478-mile coastline by the Atlantic Ocean; it’s more than 5,500 miles if you count the state’s islands.
  4. Indefinite islands
    Maine has 3,166 coastal islands, many of which are accessible throughout the year.
  5. Maine moose
    With close to 76,000 moose — the official animal of Maine — the state is home to one of the largest populations in the country, making moose-watching a popular tourist activity.


  • Donuts
    While donuts may have been introduced by the Dutch, they didn’t have holes and ended up being unevenly cooked, especially through the center. As a teenager, Captain Hanson Gregory of Maine came up with the ingenious idea of punching a hole in the center to solve the donut problem.
  • Sunrise
    As the northeasternmost state, it sees the sunrise first in the entire country. The best views can be enjoyed from Cadillac Mountain, which is more than 1,500 feet tall. It is named after French explorer Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac, as was the Cadillac auto company.
  • Horror
    Stephen King fans, this one’s for you! Remember how we mentioned numerous writers have been inspired here? From Maine himself, he has set many of his novels here, while even writing his first one in this very state.

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