national mary day in The Villages FL

National Mary Day

national mary day in The Villages FL

National Mary Day is celebrated on August 10 around the world.

Mary, a traditional American name and a holy symbol of Christianity, is one of history’s most popular feminine names.

Popularized by the Holy Bible, the name holds immense significance in the Christian culture. If you’re lucky enough to have Mary in your life, let her feel the love on her special day.


The name Mary has one of the most interesting origins. Mary is the English version of the Latin name Maria, which is the Greek interpretation of the name Mariam, which has roots in Hebrew. Whew! A mouthful. Like the tale of its origination, many popular theories are attached to the historical meaning of the name, with one arrow pointing towards it translating to “rebellious” or “bitter” about its reference to the enslaved Egyptians. The other root meaning may mean “beloved,” as Mirium is one of the kind and loving sisters of Moses in the Old Testament of the Bible.

Mary’s remained the most popular feminine name in the U.S. until 1961 when Linda dethroned it. Ever since that year, Mary has struggled to rise to the charts. It may never return to its former glory for many reasons. Experts say that almost every American has an aunt named Mary, which discourages the adoption of the name in families. Another arrow points towards the decline of Christian influence in the nomenclature of children. Despite the drop, there are enough Marys for us to celebrate this holiday in the highest of spirits. According to data collected by Maniacs Info, more than 1,992,350 Marys have lived and live in the U.S.

Throughout its history, Mary has also been combined with many other names, leading to results like Marybeth (Mary + Beth), Marilee (Mary + Lee), Marilyn (Mary + Lynne), and Maryanne (Mary + Anne). On National Mary Day, we celebrate the everlasting popularity of the name and honor Mother Mary herself.


    • Buy a Bloody Mary for a Mary

This National Mary Day, let the Mary or Marys in your life know that drinks are on you. Celebrate the beautiful namesakes and ask them if they understand why their parents give them this name.

    • Bake Bloody Mary cupcakes

Here’s your cue to bake the most delicious Bloody Mary cupcakes with cayenne pepper buttercream frosting. The recipe is simple, the ingredients are few, and the occasion is right. Just Google the recipe and treat your crew to this utterly delicious afternoon delight.

    • Read “The Testament of Mary”

“The Testament of Mary” is a 2012 novel by Irish writer Colm Tóibín. The book is written from Mother Mary’s perspective, describing her final days of life. It is a beautiful and thought-provoking illustration of Mary and her agony of losing a son she refuses to consider a Messiah.


  1. The Virgin Mary
    Blessed Mary, the wife of Joseph and the Mother of Jesus.
  2. Mary Magdalene
    A disciple of Jesus an honored follower, and the most mentioned apostle in the gospels.
  3. Mary, Queen of Scots
    Princess, Queen, Mother, and the final Queen of Scotland.
  4. Mary Shelley
    Accomplished English novelist and a trailblazer for science fiction literature.
  5. Mary Oliver
    Pulitzer Prize-winner, wild chaser, and empress of poetry and prose.


    • It’s an iconic English name

Mary was the most popular feminine name in the English-speaking world until the 1960s. The linguistic sisters of Mary, namely Maria (Spanish) and Marie (French), have also ranked at the top for centuries. It is hard to match the once acclaimed popularity of this beautiful four-letter name.

    • It celebrates the transition of the name

Until the 12th century, Mary was considered out of bounds. No parent dared to touch this ‘sacred’ name for their baby girl. However, the general public was more lenient towards the name in the 13th century, and Mary blanketed nearly a quarter of the female population. National Mary Day honors the history of the name and its enduring charm.

    • It celebrates a ‘magic’ name

Poetry pioneer Lord Byron once proclaimed Mary as a ‘magic’ name, and we agree. History bore witness to numerous Marys, who have proven their metal and the worth of their name by their thoughtful actions. From Mary Shelley to your next-door neighbor Mary, on August 10, we honor them all.

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