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National Nude Day in The Villages FL

Nudist groups around the world celebrate National Nude Day by going “au naturel” on July 14.

Nudism is the act of practicing nudity, or arguing for the right to do so. Most — although certainly not all — nudism occurs on private or specifically designated property.

While not all nudists share the same philosophy, many espouse the belief that the human body is inherently beautiful, and that clothes enforce artificial and destructive social boundaries.

Think of all the resources we would save without doing laundry every week.


National Nude Day is celebrated all around the world on July 14. As the name suggests, people remove all articles of clothing on this holiday. Many perceive this as a perverted notion, but the day celebrates freedom and the aesthetics of the human body. There is an entire movement devoted to this concept, known as naturism or nudism (although the two slightly differ). The holiday started in New Zealand, and from there it spread to other Western countries.

National Nude Day came into being when former-rugby-player-turned-television-presenter Marc Ellis dared viewers to streak in front of New Zealand’s former prime minister, Helen Clark, some time at the beginning of the 21st century. The holiday is now celebrated in over 30 countries worldwide.

Nudists believe that the human body is at its most beautiful when it is completely in its natural form. This is debatable and often frowned upon but, like it or not, nudists encourage others to free themselves from the confinements of clothing. The health benefits of going nude are undeniable, however. Many studies prove that walking barefoot potentially decreases the risk of Alzheimer’s, as the neurons in the brain are stimulated. The skin is exposed to sunlight and, hence, the body stores higher levels of Vitamin D. Fitted clothing restricts circulation, which is another reason to go without it. Benjamin Franklin was apparently aware of all these benefits, as he would reportedly enjoy ‘air baths’ near an open window, allowing fresh air to envelope his uncovered body.


    • Join a local AANR club

The American Association for Nude Recreation has hundreds of chapters which allow nudists to meet and practice.

    • Read some Elton Raymond Shaw

Elton Raymond Shaw was a groundbreaking methodist churchman and naturist, who wrote extensively on the subject of societal taboos.

    • Practice some heliotherapy

Many believe the sun’s rays have many healing properties. A day out in the sun, minus clothes, may help your body as well as your mind! Tip: Bring the sunscreen.


  1. Rite of passage
    In ancient Egypt, children didn’t wear any clothes until they were six years old.
  2. Competing in the nude
    In ancient Greece, the athletes participating in the Olympic Games were usually completely naked — married women were forbidden from viewing these games.
  3. Japan is progressive
    There are bathhouses in Japan that allow nude public bathing.
  4. A better shopping experience
    According to a survey done by PayPal, 11% of online shoppers shop naked.
  5. Sleep like a baby
    According to a survey by the National Sleep Foundation, 30% of the people living in the United Kingdom sleep naked.


    • It’s way cool(er)

Mid July is the height of summer, so what could feel better than shedding the outer layers and cooling off the old fashioned way?

    • It’s older than you think

While the origins of National Nude Day are unknown, the practice of nudism — revolving around the philosophy of naturalism — is thousands of years old. Alexander the Great encountered wandering bands of naked holy men in the 4th century BC!

    • You have plenty of options

The U.S. alone is home to hundreds of nude beaches. Make sure you research your intended spot on the American Association for Nude Recreation website to celebrate so you don’t break any laws!

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