National Pancake Day in The Villages FL

National Pancake Day

National Pancake Day in The Villages FL

The key ingredient to the perfect breakfast, this February 21 get yourself a mouth-watering stack toward heaven because it’s National Pancake Day!

Celebrated annually in Spring, and since beginning its first celebration in 2006, IHOP restaurants have raised over $24 million to support charities in the communities in which they operate.


Also known as Johnnycakes, griddle cakes or hotcakes, this batter-made breakfast item dates back more than 30,000 years. In fact, it may be the oldest breakfast food in history, spanning as far back as the Stone Age and even found in the stomach of Otzi the Iceman, whose human remains are estimated to be 5,300 years old.

The Middle English word ‘pancake’ first appeared in English in the 15th century however, Ancient Greeks and Romans made what were called Alita Dolcia or “another sweet” with wheat flour, olive oil, honey, and curdled milk. Greek Poets, Cratinus and Magnes wrote about them in their poetry and Shakespeare mentions them in his famous plays. During the English Renaissance, pancakes were flavored with spices, rosewater, sherry, and apples. This practice of pouring batter on a pan and frying it is common in nearly every culture around the world.

In the UK, they’ve celebrated Shrove Tuesday since 1100 A.D. It is the day before Ash Wednesday, also referred to in other places as Fat Tuesday. This very popular Feast Day is observed through participating in confession, finalizing a lenten sacrifice, as well as consuming pancakes and other sweets.

This year guests from around the country will once again celebrate National Pancake Day at IHOP and enjoy a free short stack of Buttermilk pancakes. In return for the free pancakes, guests will be asked to consider leaving a donation to designated local charities. This is your opportunity to contribute to your community and enjoy a delicious meal. Don’t miss out!


  • Create your own pancake
    Pick one of the many pancake recipes online, go to your grocery store to buy the ingredients, and handle business. Most importantly, make those pancakes with love!
  • Head over to your local IHOP
    You’ll be amazed at the various locations you’ll find nearby. Go on, enjoy a finely crafted pancake at your leisure.
  • Give the gift of pancakes
    Yes, we said it. Treat your loved-one, friend, to a nice pancake meal. Together we’ll make the world a better place, one flapjack at a time.


  1. Southern Comfort
    Southerners eat the most pancakes in the United States, accounting for 32.5% of our pancake consumption.
  2. Sweet Nectar
    Maple syrup was originally a sweet drink which was discovered by the Algonquin Indians.
  3. High Cakes
    The record for the world’s highest pancake toss belongs to Dominic Cuzzacrea, who flipped a pancake 31 feet (and 1 inch) into the air in November 2010.
  4. Joy to the World
    Since 1961, Mrs. Butterworth has been the iconic godmother of American syrup.
  5. The Good Mix
    The first ready-mix food which was sold commercially was Aunt Jemima pancake flour, invented in 1889 in St. Joseph, Missouri.


  • Pancakes increase your happiness
    A meal of pancakes for breakfast will instantly brighten your mood and make your tummy happy. You can share, hog them, or surprise someone with pancakes in bed. You can’t go wrong with pancakes, which is why they are just so right!
  • Sweet or savory
    Do you like your pancakes made with a dash of cinnamon and topped with strawberries, cooked plain and topped with caviar or bacon, or corn meal pancakes? No matter your preference, there’s a pancake that appeals to your taste buds.
  • Familiarity
    Sometimes, when we go out to eat, we don’t want to be challenged. We crave the taste of the familiar and nothing’s more familiar than the taste of a good ol’ pancake with maple syrup on top.

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