National Prosecco Day in The Villages FL

National Prosecco Day

National Prosecco Day in The Villages FL

National Prosecco Day on August 13th is the day to let loose. At a time of year when summer is coming to an end, the season must be taken advantage of.

Whether throwing a party with friends or hitting a festival, Prosecco will lighten any mood. Prosecco is a sparkling wine made in Veneto, Italy, and is the most sold sparkler in the United States.

But what makes prosecco a show-stopper is its mousse. This is the bubbles which give that extra pizazz, perfect for celebrations.

Prosecco’s sweet taste and light aroma makes it a wine known for fun and that’s why National Prosecco Day was created. Join us in celebrating this drink and all the fun facts.


National Prosecco Day was founded by none other than Riondo Prosecco. It was chosen to be on August 13 due to the timing of summer, with the intention of prosecco being fitting to drink sparkles in summer because of the kind of sparkly drink it is.

Riondo Prosecco actually earned the number one Prosecco title in 2010, also winning a Gold Medal for Minner Vinitaly in 2011. The brand was actually, believe it or not, acquired by Terlato Wines in January of 2016.

Prosecco was named after the Italian village of Prosecco, which is also named after the Prosecco grape. Apart from the sparkling wine we all know and love, it is also made and available in a still wine.

The first known spelling of prosecco was in fact ‘‘Prosecho’’, mentioned by a Englishman named Fynes Moryson who visited the north of Italy. Moryson noted ‘‘Prosecho’’ as among the famous wines in Italy in 1593. Production techniques were altered and improved, and a higher quality wine was produced.

During the millennium, the New York Times reported a sharp spike in global sales of prosecco outside Italy, aided by the fact that the price of this high-quality wine was relatively low. Consumption in the UK ballooned with one quarter of Italian production being exported there by 2010. This was the start of a big change in the wine industry, and prosecco continues being one of the most sold wines in the US today.


    • Drink it

It’s as simple as picking up a couple of bottles of prosecco, inviting some friends over and savoring summer’s end.

    • Share your time with it

Share the sentiment on social media with #NationalProseccoDay.

    • Throw a Prosecco party

Enjoy prosecco with friends over crab cakes and scallops on the beach or with goat cheese, prosciutto, and fresh garden tomatoes at your summer table.


    1. Sold out

Prosecco has surpassed selling the 4 million case mark.

    1. So damn bubbly..

Spumante is the bubbliest of the proseccos.

    1. Fermenting in the tank

The majority of Prosecco is made in the Charmat method, aka with a tank.

    1. What? No! More!

In 2016, Prosecco suppliers almost ran out of Prosecco in the UK.

    1. Only here, ok..

Due to trademark, prosecco can only be produced in certain areas of Italy.


    • The pricetag

Prosecco is known for being cheap and cheerful. Pair a popular wine with a reasonable price tag, and you’ve got a winner! This means prosecco is a cause for celebration during this day. Most people simply love it because of the price as well as the taste.

    • The good life

Prosecco is said to reflect accurately what the Italians call ‘‘La dolce vita,’’ meaning the good life. It reflects an ambiance the creators wanted people to feel due to the drinks light but fruity taste.

    • A reminder

Prosecco will forever remind us of summer due to the flavour and notes of pear and apple, no matter what season it is consumed. This day celebrates the versatility of prosecco and its crispness.

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