National Strawberry Parfait Day in The Villages FL

Strawberry Parfait Day

National Strawberry Parfait Day in The Villages FL

National Strawberry Parfait Day on June 25 gives us an excuse to enjoy all the strawberry parfait in the world.

Strawberry parfait is a divine dessert that not only tastes heavenly but also looks absolutely beautiful in its bright red and white colors.

The dessert’s name evokes images of quiet and cozy cafes in France as the ‘parfait’ part of the name means ‘perfect’ in French, and we couldn’t agree more.

Traditionally, this dessert is made with juicy strawberries and ice cream, or whipped cream, or custard and nuts…. yum!


Because strawberries are in season during June, it only makes sense that National Strawberry Parfait Day is celebrated in June when fresh and juicy strawberries are available in abundance. Strawberry parfait originated from France in the late 1800s. The oldest recipe dates back to 1892. The French version of parfait consisted of custard made from sugar, eggs, cream, and syrup. All these ingredients are boiled and cooked to a thick consistency. Initially, the parfait was eaten as is but, later on, fruit was added to the recipe to counter the rich and creamy texture. Many people enjoyed strawberries in parfait as the sweet and tangy flavor and aroma of the fruit complemented it. Soon, globalization took the recipe to other parts of the world and, today, it is a much-loved dessert.

The U.S. version of the dessert involves putting a dash of liquor or chocolate into the recipe. Healthier versions of the recipe call for the substitution of whipping cream and ice cream with yogurt instead. You can make your own strawberry parfait at home and you can start by collecting fresh strawberries from your local farms. Combine all the ingredients in a container and stick it in the freezer. Make sure to stir your mixture infrequently in order to get that perfect parfait texture. Because they are so popular, special tall glasses were invented for serving parfaits so that they are also a visual treat.


    • Get strawberry parfaits

Use this day as an excuse to eat strawberry parfait for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can also have it as a midday snack. And if somebody objects to you having too much strawberry parfait, feed them strawberry parfait, too.

    • strong>Make strawberry parfaits

One of the great things about strawberry parfait is how easy and simple it is to make. There are no elaborate steps you need to follow. Just follow your heart, combine all the ingredients, and stick it into the fridge to eat it cold.

    • Host a parfait party

Parfaits come in all shapes and flavors. This is a great excuse to celebrate the recipes by inviting your friends and family for a get-together. Everyone can make strawberry parfaits with different customizations to suit individual tastes.


    1. Strawberries’ seeds are on the outside

Strawberries are the only fruits that have seeds on the outside. Blooming strawberries extremely fragrant

    1. Blooming strawberries extremely fragrant

Strawberries that are growing and blooming give off a sweet aroma.

    1. Ancient Romans thought of strawberries as miracles

Ancient Romans believed strawberries were a miracle fruit with medicinal properties, which helped with depression and fever.

    1. Strawberry isn’t a berry

Traditionally, berries have their seeds on the inside, like blueberries or grapes, but strawberries are in a group of their own.

    1. Strawberries reduce heart disease and cancers

Studies suggest that strawberries can help reduce the chances of heart diseases and certain cancers.


    • It’s a celebration of strawberries

Strawberries are one of the ultimate summer fruits. They bloom bright, red, and juicy. Their sweet taste mingling with the slightest tanginess brings many childhood memories of strawberry fields and summer winds.

    • It’s a celebration of strawberry parfaits

Strawberry parfait has come a long way, literally and metaphorically. It has traveled from the streets of France to the rest of the world. Many recipes, unique to each region according to the culture, exist today, and each of them is delicious in its own way.

    • It’s a celebration of health

Strawberries are rich in vitamins, minerals, and folic acid, amongst many other things. Other ingredients of the parfait do have their pros and cons, but substituting them with healthier choices like yogurt and nuts make for a better choice.

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