National Toilet Paper Day in The Villages FL

National Toilet Paper Day

National Toilet Paper Day in The Villages FL

National Toilet Paper Day is observed each year on August 26th. This essential item is used most by Americans followed by other countries across the globe.

One of the times we realize the importance of this often-overlooked item is when we enter a public restroom and realize there is no toilet paper.

Not long ago, toilet paper used to come in multiple colors. Now, many more countries are also using toilet paper along with a bidet.


We don’t know yet who created National Toilet Paper Day but they surely deserve a shout-out for dedicating a day to honoring this humble yet important invention that is on the shopping list for many a trip to the supermarket.

Before the advent of toilet paper, from at least 79 A.D. until the fall of the Roman empire, the Romans cleaned themselves with a tersorium (a type of sponge) after relieving themselves. It was made of a sea sponge on a stick and they would simply rinse it off and leave it for the next person.

It wasn’t until 1857 that toilet paper began being sold in the United States of America. The first toilet paper was loose flat sheets of paper. Then in 1930, the Germans invented the perforated rolls we have today consisting of 1,000 small sheets that were separated by a perforation. In the 1960s, toilet paper came in different colors, especially in pink and green to match the bathroom hues. In the early 2000s, colored toilet paper rolls started to exit the market but they can still be found in some parts of the world. Americans love their toilet paper though and use it the most out of any other country. Though this can also be attributed to the fact that some countries prefer using a bidet over toilet paper to clean up.

Toilet paper has even made its mark in several television series and movies. It is often used for decoration during Halloween or when people play a prank on others by covering houses or cars in it.

This simple invention has a really strong footing in people’s lives and is likely to stay for years to come.


    • Try out ‘toilegami’

It’s origami but instead with toilet paper! It’s a unique way to use toilet paper and have some fun with it. You can line up your toilet paper creations in your bathroom as decorations.

    • Go check out all types of toilet paper

You’d be surprised at the number of toilet paper types and brands that offer them. Head to your local store and check out all the different types of toilet paper available. Maybe you can experiment each time you need to stock up on them.

    • Treat yourself to the best toilet paper

Most people often end up buying toilet paper on a budget. On National Toilet Paper Day, treat yourself to the best quality toilet paper there is. It can be a one-time indulgence but it’s a fun way to celebrate this unusual holiday.


    1. Toilet paper usage

Believe it or not, but 75% of the world’s population doesn’t use toilet paper.

    1. Over or under

Interestingly, approximately two-thirds of Americans prefer their toilet paper to roll off the roll from the top instead of the bottom.

    1. Designed to decompose

The short fibers in toilet paper start disintegrating within seconds of becoming wet.

    1. Toilet paper as camouflage

The U.S. Army used toilet paper to camouflage its tanks during Operation Desert Storm.

    1. The largest exporter of toilet paper

The U.S. is the largest exporter of toilet paper in the world.


    • There are several types

There are a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to picking out toilet paper. The three main types are standard, jumbo, and jumbo junior. They even come in two colors — white and natural. You can choose any type that suits your needs the best and falls within your budget.

    • It is an everyday bathroom essential

A significant portion of Americans would choose toilet paper if they had to take one thing on a deserted island. It is found in almost all American homes and most parts of the world. It is an important requirement to maintain personal hygiene.

    • It celebrates an unsung hero

We often take toilet paper for granted because it is so easily available. However, we realize its true significance when it’s not there. We don’t realize the role this unsung hero plays in our day-to-day lives.

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