National Tradesmen Day in The Villages FL

Revolution Repair Tradesman Day Special

National Tradesmen Day in The Villages FL

The National Tradesmen Day takes place on the third Friday in September, and takes place on September 16 this year.

It calls for the tradesmen in the country to be celebrated and honored for their essential services.

A country could have all the sources, but it wouldn’t matter if people with the right skillset are not there to put the sources to the right use.

Tradesmen, both men and women, are one such group of people who ensure that sources are used correctly for a nation to live a comfortable life. From plumbers and electricians to technicians and builders, these people maintain their respective industry’s services.

Without them, no nation will be able to build itself up. In fact, at any given time, there are at least 0.5 million jobs vacant in the market.

The tradesmen industry has also always been one of the fastest-growing markets throughout the years.


National Tradesmen Day is celebrated on the third Friday of September each year. A tradesman, by definition, is someone who acquired their skills through apprenticeship or vocational training/education. Such people are usually in the fields of building maintenance, carpentry, plumbing, electricity, and other similar industries. Without them, it would be impossible to lead a good life as living standards would drop due to the lack of building or maintenance. Irwin Trade, which is a world-famous company that sells quality tools, created National Tradesmen Day in 2011 as a way to honor the people of the industry. Selling quality material, the company recognizes the importance of good tradesmen for a nation. Tradesmen rise to the challenge, day in and day out, to provide their services and skills to the people who need them the most.

In the olden days, tradesmen were considered to be in the higher echelons of society. For instance, in Ancient Egypt, tradesmen were placed just below royal scribes. Craftsmen, who are people with expertise in fields like jewelry and baking, were below tradesmen in the country. If we go a little further back in history in the era of the caveman, tradesmen had a high position even then. Any person who was able to produce and maintain a fire without burning down the place was given the official role of the “fire-producing” tradesmen. Similarly, cavemen were designated positions according to their skillset in weapon-making, rock molding/cutting, or wheel-making. There are a variety of ways you can give thanks to the tradesmen in your life. On this day, if you see a tradesman at the local grocers or a coffee shop, wish them a happy National Tradesmen Day and offer to pay for whatever they are buying. If someone from your social circle works in the tradesmen industry, be sure to call them up this day to let them know you appreciate their services.


  • Offer a word of thanks
    Oftentimes, a simple thank you can go a long way. Take some time out of your busy schedule to stop for a few minutes to just say thanks to the tradesmen around you. Your thanks could become one of the best moments in their day.
  • Pay for their coffee
    Find out which shops are frequented by tradesmen. Once there, you can offer to pay for their coffee or the items they are buying. While you are at it, put the cherry on top by throwing in some fresh flowers.
  • Continue your thanks beyond the day
    Tradesmen do not deserve our gratitude on just one day of the year. You can express your gratitude to them for the rest of the year too. Make them feel seen and appreciated for their services that keep our lives going around smoothly.


  1. One new tradesman for three old ones
    Every time three tradesmen retire from their profession, only one new tradesman joins the force.
  2. Tradesmen shortage in 2050
    A study by the Hudson Institute states that there will be a shortage of tradesmen by 2050 in the U.S.
  3. Healthier lifestyle
    As opposed to many of today’s desk jobs that require hours on end for people to sit, tradesmen tend to lead much healthier lifestyles as they constantly move their muscles and joints.
  4. Job benefits
    Apart from job security, tradesmen also enjoy several job benefits in terms of insurance, pay raise, housing facilities, and professional certifications.
  5. Global economy at risk
    Without enough tradesmen, the global economy could be at risk because of progress being halted on building projects.


  • It’s a celebration of tradesmen
    Tradesmen are essential for any country’s prosperity. Without them, people won’t be able to lead peaceful lives as they would be faced with daily struggles related to their homes, offices, water supply, and furniture. Tradesmen ensure that all such problems are solved. They work to contribute towards a major chunk of a nation’s happiness.
  • It’s a celebration of skills
    As history has shown us, you do not need to spend any extra amount of money to learn a trading skill. Having passion and dedication will do more than enough to equip you with the right skills. You can take up an apprenticeship or go to a vocational training school to learn a trade.
  • It’s a celebration of job sectors
    There’s no doubt about the fact that people tend to have certain preconceived ideas about professions. But what should always be put at the forefront is the amount of energy, time, and dedication you have or will put into your chosen field to come out as a successful professional. Whether you choose to become a tradesman or a doctor/lawyer/engineer/teacher/artist, you should always respect all fields for what they contribute to society.

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