National Tune-Up Day in The Villages FL

National Tune-Up Day

National Tune-Up Day in The Villages FL

National Tune-Up Day is observed every year on September 25. The day reminds homeowners to prepare the house for the winter heating season.

Heating and cooling specialists suggest that homeowners tune up their heating systems every year well before the temperatures start dipping.

These tune-ups ensure that the systems are operating the way they are supposed to, and you and your family remain comfortable in the winter months.

Every responsible homeowner knows that the systems are only as good as a tune-up! Schedule an appointment with your super and get your house essentials checked.


HomeServe U.S.A. started observing National Tune-Up Day in 2014. They are one of the best-known brands of home emergency repair service plans. The day was observed by homeowners as well as repairmen as a day to give the heating-cooling system any repairs that it might need to make the winter months comfortable.

But have you wondered what exactly the repairmen tune-up? Virtually every system that you have in your home needs a regular tune-up. A few examples are —combustion gases should be analyzed and compared to the specifications of the furnace. The blower access door must be checked to make sure there is a tight seal at the furnace. Other necessary inspections also include checking fresh air intake grills for blockage and burners for proper ignition and flame. While inspecting the furnace, the repairman also checks the drainage system for blockage and leakage. Drains, taps, and traps also need to be tested. Some repairmen may also suggest inspecting the blower wheel, motor, wiring, and all filters. These elements should also be checked for corrosion and damage. A heating system tune-up saves energy and reduces heating costs. These tune-ups also ensure that the system runs effectively for an optimum number of years.

A heating system tune-up may even include:
● Removal of dust and dirt in your vents.
● Checking to make sure all your vents are not blocked or leaking.
● Ensuring your fuel jets are working correctly.
Anything in the house that runs on heat needs to be tuned up at least once a year.


  • Tune-up your heating system
    Don’t forget to tune up your heating system on National Tune-Up Day. Schedule an inspection so that you have plenty of time to fix things before the cold sets in.
  • Say thank you
    You can also give a shout-out to the technicians who provide outstanding service. You can also send them a thank you text or a gift card.
  • Take to social media
    Have you recently had a tune-up done? Share your experiences and use #NationalTuneUpDay to post on social media.


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    They stay cleaner on their own than wooden or glass ones.
  2. Shallow balconies have a cute moniker
    They are also known as Juliet balconies.
  3. Thermostat placement determines its readings
    Thermostats actually measure the temperature where the dial is installed— and they need to be positioned carefully.
  4. Houses are larger now
    A new house is 30% larger than it would have been if it were built 40 years ago.
  5. You can’t sell old White House furniture
    Congress declared it a museum in September 1961. This means the selling of old furniture and other objects is illegal.


  • Keeps the house happy
    Our homes are our happy place. So it’s only fair that you give your house the care that it deserves. National Tune-Up Day reminds us to take care of the place that makes us happy.
  • Keeps you cozy in winters
    A tune-up is essential to stay warm and cozy during winters. Timely tune-ups ensure that you have a comfortable time even when the temperature dips very low.
  • It helps the environment
    tune-ups make your systems and devices energy efficient. This means you are helping the environment.

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