Villager participates in competitive ice skating

Villager participates in competitive ice skating

Local Villager participates in competitive ice skating

Joan Bys, of the Village of Hawkins, shines during her performance at the U.S. Adult Nationals. Bys continues the sport because she likes to advance in categories.

Five days a week, Villages resident Joan Bys hops in the car and drives 110 miles in search of a rarity in Florida: Ice.

And the longtime competitive figure skater finds the rink she is looking for at the RDV Sportsplex Ice Den in Orlando.

The Village of Hawkins resident recently became the Sunshine State Games champion in Masters Free Skating and Artistic Showcase and earned a silver medal in the Choreographic Artistry Masters category.

After picking up figure skating nearly 20 years ago, she was excited to have a chance to showcase her skills after moving to Florida last year.

“There were 20 adult skaters at the Sunshine Games and I was thrilled to meet the adults in Florida,” Bys said. “The oldest competitor was 65 and the youngest was 5 or 6, so I thought that was cool to see.”

Story from the Daily Sun.

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