World Pasta Day in The Villages FL

World Pasta Day

World Pasta Day in The Villages FL

Carb lovers of the world, behold: October 25th is World Pasta Day.

People have been eating pasta since at least 5,000 B.C. However, this delightful holiday was only established in 1995, when 40 pasta producers from around the world gathered to hold the globe’s first World Pasta Congress.

Since then, the world has joined forces each October to pay tribute to one of the most delicious and versatile foods known to man.

Whether you prefer rigatoni, angel hair, or pappardelle, you’ll love this holiday!


This may come as a shock, but Chef Boyardee did not invent pasta, although real-life Italian cook Hector Boiardi started the company in Pennsylvania over 80 years ago.

(By the way, he accumulated a net worth of $60 million.) Honestly, the world has enjoyed this dish since the first century AD.

While legend has it that Marco Polo imported pasta from China in the 1200s, British food writer Jane Grigson believes a Canadian spaghetti company may have started that tale in the 1920s.

We do know that dried pasta surged in popularity during the 14th and 15th centuries — mainly for its easy storage. This allowed people to bring pasta along on ships when exploring the New World.

Hungary boasted a pasta factory in 1859, while central Italy’s Buitoni Company began churning out pasta a mere eight years later. The trend moved into the present-day Czech Republic by 1884.

During a stay in Paris, President Jefferson ate what he called “macaroni,” but it might have been any type of pasta.

He eventually returned to America with two cases. Pasta’s popularity further blossomed in the U.S. during the late 19th century, when a large group of Italian immigrants (mostly from Naples), moved to America.

The World Pasta Day holiday itself only recently began in 1995 when 40 pasta producers from around the world gathered to hold the first World Pasta Congress.

Since then, diners around the world have joined forces each October to pay tribute to one of the most delicious and versatile foods ever.


  • Make a tasty pasta dish
    If you love to cook, whip up some pasta in your kitchen. Enlist the help of a few friends if you’d like company. For a quick dinner with easy clean-up, try a one-pan pasta recipe with tomato, basil, and mozzarella cheese. Or to celebrate an American classic, make some macaroni and cheese. If you’re in the mood to mix things up, make a Mediterranean pasta dish or tasty sesame soba noodles.
  • Share your pasta on social media
    Each October 25 #WorldPastaDay lights up social media. (And let’s be real: since people love their pasta so much, the hashtag also shows up on Instagram and Twitter on lots of other days of the year.) Use the hashtag to show the world that you’re “pasta proud!”
  • Go out to a pasta dinner
    Grab your friends or family (or take yourself out for a nice solo date) and head to your favorite local pasta joint. Order a pasta dish you’ve never tried before and enjoy every bite!


  1. It was first eaten in China
    Italy may be the pasta capital but the first pasta dates back to China.
  2. Thanks, Thomas Jefferson
    He was the first person to bring pasta to the U.S.
  3. Pasta has many shapes
    There are 600 different shapes of pasta.
  4. The most popular noodle
    Spaghetti is the most popular noodle in the U.S.
  5. And Italians eat a lot of it too
    If Italians ate only spaghetti in a single year, they would eat almost 373 million miles of this noodle.


  • It’s easy to make
    No matter how lacking your kitchen skills may be, you can almost surely make yourself a bowl of pasta. Plus, pasta’s cheap. It’s also incredibly filling, so even if pasta wasn’t so affordable to begin with, you’d still be getting tons of food for your money.
  • It has health benefits
    Pasta (especially the whole grain variety) can help sustain energy throughout the day with its rich carb content. It also includes folic acid, and has a low glycemic index, which means it’s not likely to cause uncomfortable spikes in your blood sugar. In addition, it’s a great way to squeeze in your daily suggested whole grain servings
  • It’s versatile
    Pasta’s a perfect part of just about any lunch or dinner. (It can even make a great breakfast with a runny egg on top.) If you’re short on protein for the day, you can throw some chicken or fish in a pasta dish for dinner. If you haven’t eaten enough veggies, you can toss in some roasted broccoli and asparagus. You can pour on some thick sauce, or if you want to keep things lighter, you can toss it in olive oil. The point is that there is a pasta dish to fit every mood and need.

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