World Sake Day in The Villages FL

World Sake Day

World Sake Day in The Villages FL

World Sake Day is celebrated annually on October 1st to recognize sake and its contributions to Japanese culture, from ceremonies to (obviously) celebrations.

The day is also to deepen people’s love for sake and understanding of this beverage. It doesn’t matter if you live in or outside Japan, because the day is for all sake lovers all around the world.

World Sake Day marks the beginning of the annual rice harvest, when sake production in Japan begins. So, gather together and enjoy this Japanese drink. Kampai!


World Sake Day, or Nihonshu no Hi, started in 1978 when Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Association (J.S.S.) designated October 1 as a day of sake celebration. The day is also to salute the people involved in sake production — the rice farmers and brewery workers. The brewery workers are passionate and dedicated people, working long hours and meticulously ensuring that the sake they produce will satisfy consumers. Sake lovers gather together on Sake Day to enjoy the sake itself in honor of the brewers.

There are two reasons behind October 1 being chosen as World Sake Day’s date. According to the J.S.S., until 1965 (Showa 40), the brewery year was officially determined to start a new year on October 1 — now the brewery year begins on July 1 and comes to an end on the last day in June in the following year. Another reason lies in the kanji for sake, which is a combination of two parts.

World Sake Day used to be a small event only known to the sake industry. Now, it is celebrated by sake lovers all around the globe, although the majority of events are held in Japan. Japan Sake and Shochu Information Center can be an ideal place for sake enthusiasts to mingle and celebrate the day. There, visitors can learn more about different types of Japanese beverages. Besides, there is a virtual sake event like Kampai with Sake Week to connect sake lovers globally. So, wherever you are, raise your glass to the celebration of World Sake Day. Cheers!


  • Buy your favorite sake
    First, treat yourself to your favorite sake to celebrate the day in the comfort of your home. Ginjo, Junmai, or aged sake, whatever your preference is, prepare your sake and enjoy.
  • Find an event
    If you want to celebrate the day with fellow sake enthusiasts, you may want to find a sake event. If possible, check out Japan Sake and Shochu Information Center in Tokyo. All things Japanese alcoholic beverages, it’s a perfect place to celebrate World Sake Day.
  • Celebrate virtually
    If you live outside Japan, join a virtual sake event. You can connect with sake lovers globally. Get your favorite sake and celebrate this drink with people from all around the world.


  1. It takes 40 days to brew
    An average time to brew sake is 60 to 90 days.
  2. There are around 1,600 breweries
    In Japan, there are around 1,600 sake breweries with licenses.
  3. The national beverage
    Sake is the national beverage of Japan.
  4. Its alcohol content is higher than wine
    Sake typically contains 15-17% A.B.V., slightly higher than wine.
  5. It’s labeled ‘seishu’
    Sake is labeled with the word ‘seishu’ under Japanese liquor laws since the word sake can refer to any alcoholic drink.


  • An exploration opportunity
    Some of us probably love to explore different kinds of alcoholic drinks, from beers to spirits. World Sake Day is the best time to try different types of Japanese alcoholic beverages.
  • A day of appreciation
    World Sake Day is to appreciate the beverage itself and the hardworking people who make it. Without them, we couldn’t enjoy this Japanese beverage that can be served either cold or hot.
  • A means to connect
    Human beings need connections in life, and there are many ways for us to connect. World Sake Day can serve the purpose of connecting people from the background of sake enthusiasts.

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